Hello! And My Shopping Trip in Asia

November 18, 2015
Asian fashion from Taiwan


In my haste to put up last week’s Youtube tutorial, I skipped over the part where I introduce myself Sonya (owner of Idol Collective) and my online clothing and accessories boutique. Idol Collective has been a dream of mine for some time now, and I’m so excited that I get to share it with you!

Growing up I was exposed to Asian entertainment, and I always loved how fashion was such an integral part of both media and music in Asia. It was so interesting to see how fashion could mold and shape different cultures and how it affected self-expression. That’s not to say I didn’t also pay close attention to what was happening in the world of high-fashion and street style in New York and LA. I avidly followed style blogs during fashion week and was enamored by all the funky, cool trends that came from the streets of LA.

With Idol Collective, my goal is to marry the two in a creative, fun and unique collection that combines the cuteness and design of Asian fashion with the comfort and style of American fashion.

On my journey to opening Idol Collective, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Asia and browse various garment districts for both inspiration and sourcing. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my experiences while shopping and some cute outfit inspiration. Below are some photos of late summer, early fall Asian fashion trends. Many of these pictures are from popular shopping areas in Taipei, Taiwan. However, Korean fashion is so popular all over Asia that many of the clothes are imported directly from Korea.

Below are some great transitional pieces. Lots of pretty pops of blue and neutrals.

Asian fashion from TaiwanCute neutral asian clothesNavy fall fashionEmbellished collar

Everywhere you turn in Asia, even at night markets you can find really cute clothing. Many of the styles in Asia are relaxed and tunics are very popular as well.

Taipei Night Market ClothingCute night market shops

Something that always catches my eye are the little details. I love how bows, ruffles and plaids are incorporated. They look a bit more cutesy but still have a fun modern vibe.

Asian department store displayPlaid school outfitsCute Asian shool outfits

Even casual urban looks have a very distinct styling.

Kawaii street style in asiaCute asian backpacks

No trip to Asia would be complete without sampling some of the local treats. This ice cream from Miyahara in Taiwan was Amazing!!

Miyahara ice cream

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