A Beginners Guide to Getting Fit in 2016

January 29, 2016
Get fit in 2016

With 2016 in full swing and bikini season just around the corner (insert crying emoji here) we’ve been searching the web for ideas on how to begin a fitness routine and still have time for Happy Hour because a girl has got to socialize.

If you’re like us and are new(ish) to working out, you may want to keep reading for a compilation of our favorite exercise shortcuts, tips, and resources. We’ve separated them into 3 categories:

  1. 5 everyday activities to get fit in 2016

  2. 5 exercise plans you can do at home without equipment

  3. 5 beginner guides to working out at the gym

These tips should have you looking your best in no time. And if you already look your best (work it girl!), you might find something new to mix into your workout routine.

We’d like to consider this first section our ‘Lazy Girls Guide to Being Fit in 2016.’

Top 5 picks to get fit in 2016

We’ve selected our top 5 activities that will help you get fit without hitting the gym or lifting weights. You can find these, along with  19 other activities on Fitness Reloaded.

Women cleaning and exercising

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Clean your home – according to fitness reloaded, you can burn 4 calories per minute from easy cleaning (i.e. dusting). Meaning 20 minutes of cleaning can equate to 80 calories burned! Cleaning the bathroom sure sounds a lot better.

Woman exercising while washing her car

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Wash your car – you can burn on average 6 calories a minute when washing your car. If you spend 30 minutes once a week doing this, you’ll burn 180 calories a week!

woman walking dog exercising

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Walk your (or your neighbor’s) dog – you will burn approximately 6 calories a minute. If you walk the dog twice a day that’s roughly 30 mins a day, which means you will lose 180 calories a day! If you do this for a whole year, you will burn up to 19 pounds a year.

woman walking while shopping

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Use your legs and not your vehicle – If the place you are going is 1/2 mile or less, why not try walking? A person who weighs 140lbs will burn 74 calories from walking 1 mile in 20 minutes.

(Video via Sugar & Spice Crem, Whip It/Nae, Nae)

Go out, party and DANCE – You can burn 3-4 calories a min from slow dancing. Doing the Whip/Nae Nae, Gangnam Style or Dougie you can burn up to 8 calories a minute. If you break it down on the dance floor for 20 mins, you could burn between 60 and 160 calories.


If you’re ready to give working out a try but don’t want to commit to a gym just yet, here are some awesome toning exercise guides. You can get toned at home with no equipment.

workouts laying down

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Our first favorite exercise plan is from PopSugar. This guide features 6 excellent exercises you can do to help strengthen your core and get a total body workout. The best part, you can do them all laying down! PopSugar Fitness Guide.

lunge illustration

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Next up is from Oprah. This guide to beginners exercise features 5 different moves that you can easily do at home in 15 minutes. Also, if you’re not ready to invest in free-weights try using household items like a large can of soup. You can always increase the amount of repetitions you do if the weight feels too easy. Oprah 15 Minute Fitness Guide.


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Another great guide for ladies who are just beginning to workout is from the fitness site SkinnyMs. What we love about this exercise plan is that it includes videos to show you how to do each move. Proper posture is so important when you’re beginning to workout; so it’s great to be able to see exactly how to perform an exercise and remove all of the guesswork. 5 Workouts for Absolute Beginners.

woman doing burpees

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Our fourth favorite at home workout routine comes from This 12 exercise program focuses on cardio moves. Instead of working on building muscle, your focus will be on keeping your heart rate up through medium intensity intervals that help burn fat.
It’s only 20 minutes and an excellent way to jump start your day in the mornings! 20 Minute Home Cardio Workout.

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Rounding out our list of home workouts with no equipment is an exercise plan from This routine features workout moves that make little, to no noise. So for those ladies who are worried that mountain climbers and burpees may have your neighbors complaining, these moves were made just for you. Quiet Home Workout.

5 Gym Guides

Finally, if you have decided you are ready to hit the gym, we’ve selected our top 5 workout plans to get you started. These easy to follow workout plans will take the intimidation factor out of going to the gym for the first time (or the first time in a long time). These simple guides will help you master those workout machines and free weights in no time.

woman using rowing machine

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Our first pick comes from What we like about this article is that there are some tips before getting into the workout plans. Then once you reach the program info, there are easy to print workout routines that you can bring to the gym with you. Plus there are photos of each workout to give you an idea of what the exercise should look like. There are 3 workout plans, and each one focuses on a particular area of the body. So you can rotate them when you are just starting out. The Ultimate Machine Workout Guide for Women. 

woman lifting weights

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This 4-week weight training plan from is an excellent way to jump start your gym routine. There is a new plan for each week and easy to follow videos that show you how to do each exercise. You’ll feel like a pro in no time. 4 Week Weight Training Plan for Women.  

Woman at gym

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If you’re looking for something low impact, then this article from the Anytime Fitness blog is perfect for you. You’ll find an 8 step plan, from warm-up to cool-down with easy to follow instructions. This is great for a full body circuit. Beginner Strength Workout. 


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Our number 4 pick is from It is one of the most comprehensive beginner gym workout guides we’ve seen. Be forewarned it is pretty long, so make sure you have some time to read it all. It’s entirely worth it, though. From diet to fashion, to accessories to routines and videos; this post has it all and should have you feeling 100% confident when you step into the gym with a game plan that aligns with your goals. 3 Day Workout Routine. 

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Finally, we wanted to share with you this great post from Refinery29, which is both motivational and tactical.  Sometimes all you need is a good plan, and the rest will come easy. Gym Workout Tips.

We hope you found our round up of best tips for getting fit in 2016 helpful! We’d love to hear about your favorite exercises or ways you plan on accomplishing your fitness goals in the comments below!
Here’s to a happy, healthy and fun 2016 and beyond.

Sonya – Founder, Idol Collective

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