Korean Drama Fashion Faves – Oh My Venus

February 11, 2016
Oh My Venus

Here at Idol Collective, we have a (un)healthy obsession with Korean dramas.  There’s something so addicting about the over-the-top acting, evil villains, heart-wrenching love triangles, endearing rags to riches stories and of course… the FASHION. We just can’t seem to get enough! If you haven’t had a chance to watch a Korean drama yet, we recommend you head over to Dramafever and try one out. But be warned, after your initial feelings of discomfort because they are just so outlandish, you’ll probably wind up hooked! You may also find yourself starved because food tends to be a very integral part of Korean dramas.

Every week we plan to feature a new Korean drama and share our favorite fashion finds. We’ll share our top picks for outfits and accessories, and we may throw in some makeup or hair styles as well. We also plan to give you a little overview of the drama in hopes that it will help you decided whether or not you want to add it to your Korean drama watch list. We’ll do all the binge watching so that you don’t have to!

In our first ever Korean drama Fashion Faves, we’ll take a look at the fashion in the adorable romantic comedy Oh My Venus.

Oh My Venus, centers around a lawyer named Kang Joo-Eun (played by Shin Min-A). While she is an extremely charming and entertaining character her work rival Oh Soo-Jin (played by Yu In-Young) really shined in the fashion arena. Since both ladies are lawyers in this female driven romantic comedy, much of what they wear tends to revolve around the workplace. Below are our top picks for fashion and accessories in the Korean drama, Oh My Venus.

Look 1: Monochrome chic Monochrome suit in Serenity

We really loved this monochrome look in Pantone’s color of the year Serenity. Given the serious nature of Oh Soo-Jin’s profession, as Deputy President of her law firm, the pop of color was something unexpected. Also, the white structured collar paired with the boat neck top was something fresh and new, and undoubtedly, a style we would like to try.

Look 2: Fab in FloralFloral suit with mock turtleneck

Oh Soo-Jin did it again in this unique work outfit. The floral and paisley patterned two-piece set featuring a mock turtleneck and bell sleeves looked so lovely. It had the perfect touch of 70’s vibe mixed with a bit of an edge from the wide black leather belt. It also had just the right amount of playfulness without being too young. We would definitely rock this to a board meeting and happy hour.

Look 3: Fantastic in FringeOxblood turtleneck and fringe skirt

In this third look, Oh Soo-jin wore three popular fashion trends; fringe, plaid, and oxblood. We love how fashion in Korean dramas is always on point with the latest styles. You would think that mixing multiple trends together might be over-kill, but this looked so well composed, it almost gave off a minimalistic vibe.

Look 4: Pretty in Polka DotsBlack and white polka dot dress

While this look was a bit more toned down compared to the others, we liked the whimsy that the addition of polka dots brought to this outfit. The sheer sleeves gave it an overall lightness and made this ensemble appropriate for work or other occasions as well. We could totally picture wearing this to brunch, a dinner date or other event.

All about the details:Bar stud earrings Oh My VenusOh My Venus jewelry

Finally, we enjoyed all of the dainty jewelry featured in the Korean drama Oh My Venus. From simple, classy earrings to elegant, demure necklaces, all of the accessories added just the right amount of sparkle without overpowering any of the looks. The costume designers did an excellent job at pairing the perfect accessories with each outfit.

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Now on to our quick overview of the Korean drama, Oh My Venus!

This 16-episode (1 hour each) series stars So Ji-SubShin Min-AJung Gyu-Woon and Yu In-Young.  It is a romantic comedy centered around four characters who’s lives become intertwined, through work and love. The lead character Kang Joo-Eun (played by Min-A) is a mega #girlboss. She was known as the Venus aka hottie of her hometown all throughout high school and later in college. While school is not her strong suit she studies very hard in college, where she meets the second lead Oh Soo-Jin (played by Yu In-Young), and eventually becomes a successful lawyer. Unfortunately, the stress of Joo Eun’s job and family life start to wear on her. These issues begin to take their toll on her eating habits and body. At age 33 she starts to experience severe symptoms of preventable health diseases. Through nothing short of destiny, she has a mishap which causes her to meet a renowned celebrity fitness guru, and this is where the story begins. Without giving away too much, we will say we really enjoyed Oh My Venus. It showcased a strong female lead who was confident, intelligent and determined. We liked how the romantic part of this story remained light-hearted and fun. The supporting cast, while over the top was enjoyable to watch. Plus Sung Hoon and Henry are such hotties! If you are looking for a series with great chemistry, and where the villain is not too villainous then this is the drama for you.

Stay tuned for more posts on Korean drama fashion!

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